As a daycare center in Othmarschen we are colorfully positioned

Our daycare center in Othmarschen takes care of children from almost 60 families. We offer all children every acceptance and appreciation of individuality, participation, activity, movement and retreat opportunities.

Our offer

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More information


Kidspace Othmarschen
Beselerstraße 46
22607 Hamburg

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
6am to 7pm


children from 10 months
to 3 years old


Children from 3 to 6 years old


Children from 3 years old with an increased need for support

Our features

Bilingual education

In our bilingual groups we speak German, but also English or French. In this way, children learn another language through play and through the principle of immersion in everyday life and get a feeling for cultural diversity. For our multinational parents, this is a gift!


Acceptance, concern, tolerance, fairness and equality are close concepts to us. Inclusive education enables all children to have equal opportunities for education and participation from the very beginning. All children have a right to support their development. In our inclusive daycare, this fact is taken into account by our educators to meet these different needs.

German language support

We offer specific support measures for individual children who show difficulties and language deficits in speaking compared to their peers.


Do you have any questions about the Othmarschen facility?

Irini Georgiadu,
pedagogical manager

Do you have any questions about the Othmarschen facility?

Feel free to call or write us. We look forward to the exchange!

„Hier könnten Zitate von einer externen Fachkraft stehen, die sich positiv über das pädagogische Konzept oder andere Vorzüge von Kidspace geäußert haben und das gerne weitergeben möchten.“

Lenore Albers, external specialist