Kidspace Hamburg – You are good the way you are!

We are a multicultural and diverse team, and agree on one thing: The most important thing we want for kids is a place where they can be who they are. And that’s what Kidspace is. Und das ist Kidspace.

Our concept

Kidspace wants to actively contribute to preparing our children emotionally, linguistically and socially for the diverse demands of the 21st century. We, therefore, value the concept of inclusive education. All children must have equal access to education and a correspondingly high quality of education. Our team takes care not to limit the children’s experiences through stereotypical views and attributions. Instead, we offer them new and complementary opportunities for experience through gender-conscious education.

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Quality assurance

Our Kita Kidspace has been working with the Paritätischen Qualitätsverfahren PQ-Sys for years. The evaluation and regular reflection of our processes are important to us and distinguish our substance. We are convinced that a regular exposure can be the guarantee for educational processes of both employees and children.

“In my work with Kidspace, I could see in the professional implementation of the concept, a healthy pragmatism and above all an empathetic view of the needs of children and their families, which was transferred into practice.”

Dr. Julia Staffa

Our team

Every encounter and every relationship with a human being can enrich and inspire us. We understand that. And for this very reason, we care not only for the children, but also for our teammates. Our team is important to us!

“Diversity and Empowerment”

All our employees bring not only their professional skills and methods, but also a very individual wealth of experience. A wealth of experience that makes them special. We want everyone at Kidspace to progress in their work but also in their private lives, to continue their further qualification and thus be given the opportunity to grow beyond themselves.

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Sustainable development is not only an important topic in Kidspace. The foundation for a conscious approach to our planet and its resources is laid at an early age. For this reason, observing nature and discovering the animal and plant world together are just as much a part of this important field of learning as learning to live a sustainable lifestyle. Saving energy, avoiding waste and protecting animals and plants – very close to the children’s living environment, they already gain practical experience with the topic of sustainability in kindergarten and daycare.

Alla Semenova,
Kidspace Management

Kidspace company

Kidspace, or space for kids, was founded in 2016 as a safe and spacious place for our youngest. The focus is on diversity and variety, which we offer to all our children and parents. With the facility in Bahrenfeld, we have established ourselves as a reliable educational partner for parents. In 2023, we have set ourselves the goal of adding inclusion to our portfolio. The other facilities are gradually coming into line with the idea.

External expert advice

We are happy to cooperate with companies and firms in order to constantly improve the quality of our work.

Dr. Julia Staffa – Management AgiLogo

“As an organizational developer and transformation coach, I was able to accompany a super committed team in adapting to the evolving demands on educational institutions. This allowed me to experience how professional implementation of the concept, healthy pragmatism and, above all, an empathetic view of the needs of the children and their families are transferred into practice at Kidspace.”

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Lenore Albers – Consulting, Training, Coaching

“For over 20 years I have been accompanying people, companies and associations as an organizational consultant, trainer and coach. The focus of my work is to work constructively and productively on one or more specific concerns, taking into account the needs and resources of the individuals, teams or organizations involved.”

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Vanessa Wulff – Coaching, Design and Workshops

“Having completed my studies in 2017 in the field of “Expressive Arts in Social Transformation” paved my way into various artistic and social disciplines. From designing and implementing individual projects, such as an artistic project with former Kamalaris in Nepal, to founding a small fair fashion label in collaboration with a Nepalese tailor family, I develop and lead creative workshops with a focus on social interaction and sustainability.

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Further collaborations

PARITÄTISCHE Kompetenzzentrum Nord GmbH – PariKom for short – is a consulting spin-off of PARITÄTISCHEN Wohlfahrtsverband Hamburg. PariKom provides services for non-profit as well as commercial enterprises of the social economy in the areas of management consulting, personnel development and recruitment. In addition, PariKom provides support in the form of expert opinions on the third sector.

Loxos has been the expert in furnishing changing and nursing rooms in childcare facilities and hospitals since 1991. Our baby changing chests and furniture are designed for the well-being of young and old. Our experience allows us to produce furniture that combines design, ergonomics, safety and hygiene. Today, more than 30 of our models are registered and protected.

We have been working for 15 years in one of the most sensitive areas in which craftsmanship operates today. The design and development of spaces for children need special attention and a sure eye for the important details in order to incorporate the many aspects of pedagogy, craftsmanship and social action.

At KOMPAN it all began with art. Half a century ago, sculptor Tom Lindhardt observed children playing with his artistic creations. Tom Lindhardt turned the tables and began creating playgrounds that were beautiful and timeless, like works of art. In the years that followed, KOMPAN’s trademark, the little homo ludens, became a symbol of quality and inventiveness – a logo that stands for the principle: “This is the art of play”.