Kidspace Hamburg Bahrenfeld View of the room with seating and toys

As a daycare center in Bahrenfeld, we have a big presence.

Our daycare center in Bahrenfeld has children from more than 150 families. We offer children plenty of space, freedom and opportunities to play, learn, experiment and discover.

Our offer

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Kidspace Bahrenfeld
Paul-Dessau-Str. 3g
22761 Hamburg

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
6am to 7pm


children from 10 months to 3 years old


Children from 3 to 5 years old


Children from 5 years old to school enrollment

Our features

Bilingual education

In our bilingual groups we speak German, but also English or French. In this way, children learn another language through play and through the principle of immersion in everyday life and get a feeling for cultural diversity. For our multinational parents, this is a gift!

German language support

We offer specific support measures for individual children who show difficulties and language deficits in speaking compared to their peers.

Semi-open concept in the elementary area

Our elementary area works according to a semi-open concept. This means that the daily routine alternates between internal and external phases within a set structure. This gives the children the opportunity to participate in shaping their afternoon at the daycare.


Children's seating area for breakfast and lunch
Play and romp room with wall bars and climbing ropes
Vestibule with cloakroom and changing table
Painting and drawing room with sitting area

Do you have any questions about the Bahrenpark facility?

Irini Georgiadu, pedagogical manager

Irini Georgiadu,
pedagogical manager

Do you have any questions about the Bahrenpark facility?

Feel free to call or write us. We look forward to the exchange!

I have two children in Kidspace, in the nursery and in the elementary area. Over the past 2.5 years, I have dropped my children off with a smile and picked them up tired and happy.

As an English teacher who teaches there on a weekly basis, I am amazed at how quickly the children adapt to my lessons and their pace of learning. You can tell that the international community is strong and valued and that the children fully benefit from it. I am very proud to be a part of the Kidspace team and community.

Poppy Leendertz